When we partner with you in your project we understand that you own the project.
Our goal is to create your vision and ensure you are able to own and efficiently evolve and maintain it for years to come.


From the onset of a project, we identify the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of each stakeholder. Those persons responsible for each task will be identified, contact information shared, and will maintain full responsibility for their part. This information will be clearly identified in the contract addendim. We also identify methods to optimize the time, cost, and the quality of your project.
Reports are provided to you daily during the project development phase, your product is developed on our platforms until all project goals are met, and you have signed off in complete agreement.


During the development phase of your project, project progress reports are automatically emailed to you daily through our project tracking system that is built into your CMS and also directly accessible.
Reports identify any variations effecting the time, cost, and quality of your project and are used to guide meeting topics during the project. We expect your involvement as the primary stakeholder in your project and will be straighforward, open, and honest in our communications with you. If an issue arises impacting the time, cost, or quality of the project, you will be notified immediately upon confirmation.


A project is considered completed when all objectives have been met and any outstanding punch-list items have been closed.
The final completion steps to your project are; administrative and content related training, then migrating the system to your platform.
Prior to migrating your project to your platform, you should be comfortable in making your first payment for our efforts. We do not request payment prior to this point in any project.


Once the project has been migrated to your platform and tested thoroughly, we will notify you that your project is in the warranty phase. When you receive this notification, the warrenty details and end date will be identified within. If you wish to enter a maintenance agreement with us prior to the warranty termination, you may contact us to discuss.
Our maintenance contracts include applicable upgrades, troubleshooting, styling updates, and ongoing backend maintenance of your product.